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Trustees' Week

This week we give thanks to our Trustees' for their commitment, hard work, guidance and kindness. Without their expertise and support, we would be unable to provide such a great service to our members.

This week, DJ Jon caught up with Ciara on our Sunny Sessions radio show to find out what a Trustee is and what it means to her. Ciara is the first Sunnybank Trustee with a learning disability.

She said, "A Trustee makes sure the charity are doing what they say they are doing. When they tell us about the work they are doing, we make sure it's really good quality.

We help make big decisions, so we are decision makers.

We don't work for the charity, we're not paid staff. We are volunteers who come together as a group to make sure the charity is doing a really great job.

Being a Trustee means, for me, having the opportunity to have an equal voice"

To hear Ciara's full interview, you can catch up here.


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