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Volunteers' Week 2022

Today marks the start of Volunteers’ Week 2022.

Sunnybank really values its volunteers, who generously give their time to help us deliver essential services to our partners.

We would like to give a big thank you to all our volunteers - THANK YOU!

Meet Pam

Pam has been volunteering with Sunnybank for over 2 and a half years and spends much of her time supporting our partners at our social clubs.

“I met Dorothy at a summer fete, and she told me about Sunnybank. I had been thinking that I wanted to get involved in something voluntary and it sounded like the sort of thing I’d really enjoy.

I started off going to coffee morning with a small group, then I got into Kites Club, and then Drama Club…and I just love every minute of it.

When I first started working with Sunnybank, I really thought I was coming in to bless them as they needed volunteers, but I have to honest, it’s absolutely blessed my life. I love the guys and love being with them.

What it’s done more than anything is give me an understanding of the difficulties some people face every day.

[Volunteering with Sunnybank] has been so beneficial for me, I get a lot of joy out if it.”

Meet Arthur

Arthur has been volunteering with Sunnybank for 14 years as an Advocate.

“I’ve been involved with The Sunnybank Trust since 2008. I had a background in counselling, but I gave that up when I moved to Epsom.

The people I support generally live in care homes and in many cases don’t have any family to support them. I have three advocacy partners that I support.

It was difficult not being able to see them during the pandemic. I’m pleased to say that we can once again visit the care homes and continue building the relationships we have with our partners.

As an advocacy volunteer you need to be a good listener, assertive and have a good rapport with people. You need to be a bit street wise; you can’t be naïve.

Sunnybank is more than just a worthy organisation. It’s a family, it’s a place where you work with very deserving people who will enrich your life.”

Listen to the full interviews with Pam, Arthur and some of our other fabulous volunteers on Sunny Sessions radio next week (6th and 9th June at 11am).

Listen online:


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