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Club Trip-icana Bowling Trip

Last Thursday (Thursday 2nd May 2024), a group of us went to Hollywood Bowl in Tolworth as our first Activity of our ‘Club Trip-icana’ Outings Group.

We all met outside Epsom Library at around 1pm then went to the Bus Stop and got the 406 Bus to Tolworth Station. We then went into the Bowling Alley and found our lanes then started Bowling (I was on a Team with Lesley & David & Lesley Won!)

Some of us then went and had Lunch at the Diner there after we had finished our 2 Games of Bowling (I had a Hotdog & Chips, Cider & a Bag of Crunchie Rocks!)

Most of the Group then left but I stayed and did some of the Arcade and won a load of tickets then exchanged them for more sweets!

Altogether I thought it was a really fun day and everyone really enjoyed themselves and there was a lot of laughter and I can’t wait to continue with the club for the rest of the season!


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