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Advocacy team update

The Sunnybank Trust and the Rotary Club Ewell

join forces for urgent home improvement SOS

Whilst advocating for *David, a man with moderate learning disabilities, The Sunnybank Trust became aware that his flat was in a bad state of repair and had not been updated for over 15 years due to the cost.

This was not only a huge risk in health and safety but also greatly affected David’s mental health and wellbeing.

With the help of the Rotary Club Ewell, a team from the club offered to take on the challenge of redecorating his the flat. With the support of his Sunnybank advocate, David moved into a temporary flat whilst the work took place. Thanks to the support and help of his advocate, David didn’t get too stressed or anxious about the move or the changes.

Within a week, the flat was transformed into a bright and airy space that felt both welcoming and clean.

David was speechless with delight when returning to his flat and has not stopped talking about the improvements both to his flat and his sense of pride.

Annie Dougherty, Sunnybank Advocacy Manager said: ‘It is so important that we make sure our partners have a voice and are listened to. David has never been asked to choose his paint colour and was delighted! Our special thanks to his Housing Association, Transform Housing for assisting in providing a place for David to stay whilst this was done as well as giving him new carpet to also enjoy.’

Dorothy Watson, CEO of the Sunnybank Trust commented; ‘We were thrilled to have the help of the Rotary Club Ewell, this job would not have been possible without them. This project has shown what a difference can be made when communities come together to help each other. Thank you Rotary Club Ewell!’

President of Ewell Rotary Maureen Kilminster said: ‘Rotary Members enjoy helping those in need in the Community’.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of our partners


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