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A tribute to Dorothy

A wonderful tribute written by Sunnybank Volunteer Audrey, after the sad passing of her friend, Dorothy.

“I was lucky enough to be Dorothy’s friend for about 14 years. When I first met her we used to meet at her home while we got to know each other. We used to look at magazines which I bought on the way. I quickly learned that she wasn’t interested in gardening or pictures of plants or scenery but loved looking at clothes and shoes, the more colourful the better. She loved cat pictures but didn’t like dogs and if we came across a picture of the queen she would salute.

I would sometimes take some bottles of nail polish and Dorothy would choose her colour and I’d paint her nails. She always looked beautifully dressed and liked to wear her bracelets and necklaces and have her hair up. After a while we started to go out, sometimes to garden centres for coffee. On our way in the car we sang songs of which Dorothy’s favourite was Daisy Daisy and she loved her birthday, looking forward to it for ages and practicing singing Happy Birthday with great gusto! Once we were there we would have coffee and Dorothy would love to choose which cake she was going to have. She was always so happy to meet anyone we came across, holding out her hand to them and could light up a room with her lovely smile and cheeky laugh. She was such a friendly soul. She loved the craft activities and music at Kites Club and would sometimes enjoy getting up for a dance, and also going to an easy access church service where she liked meeting the other people and having coffee and cake with them afterwards. I will miss her terribly as I’m sure everybody who knew and loved her will. The world will seem a sadder place without Dorothy.”


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