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Wisley Lights Trip

Yesterday Evening (Sunday 3rd December 2023), a group of us went to Glow Christmas Lights at Wisley.

Most of us went from St Barnabas Church at around 4:30PM to Wisley in staff cars (there was about 5 members of staff driving) and we arrived at Wisley and met everyone else outside the main entrance.

We then went into the trail and everyone really enjoyed it and enjoyed looking at all the pretty Lights and Lanterns and Special Effects like Fire and Strobe Lighting (and some of us (mainly me) danced to the Club-Themed music on the Lake outside the Glasshouse!)

We then went back through to the Food & Drink Chalets and some of us got some dinner and I got a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream, a Bratwurst (German Hot Dog) with Pickles/Gherkins & Onions & some Churros (Spanish Doughnuts) with Toffee Sauce!

I really enjoyed the night and my favourite parts were when we went into the Glasshouse as it felt like I was on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here as there was a Hammock and loads of Banana Leaves & Bushes (and even a Tiki Bar with Cocktails/Mocktails) and outside the Glasshouse because it felt like I was at PRYZM in Kingston or Fever or the Boogie Lounge in Epsom!

I would give the night a 9/10 because we had a bit of a problem with the journey there but the rest of the night was fantastic and I would definitely like to go back there next year!


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