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Our drama rehearsals

For the past month or so, our drama group have been busy rehearsing for our production of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory which will take place on Saturday 29th June at St Barnabas Church.

So far we have rehearsed a dance routine, found out who we’re playing and blocked through the whole production.

Next week, we will start to have a proper run-through and see if there’s any other things we need to add (including more props, costume parts & scenery!)

I have enjoyed our rehearsals and have found them very funny and entertaining (even if this is just the beginning) and like the character I have been given!

I can’t wait for you all to see the show and hope you’ll find it just as funny and entertaining as we have in the drama group!

By Jovi Edwards/Viloet Beauregarde. Monday 29th April 2024


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