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Theatre Trip Blog

On 26th October 2023, the Drama Group went to the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford to see Noises Off which is a Comedy similar to the Play That Goes Wrong.

We met at St Barnabas at around 12.15PM and everyone had their Packed Lunches then we all got in 3 Staff Cars and went to Guildford (there was also a lot of traffic & roadworks!)

We then got dropped off outside the theatre and waited in the café area for the 3 drivers to find somewhere to park which also proved very difficult. We then went and watched the play and we all found it absolutely hilarious and one of the other drama club members even fell off his chair at one point and I had to ask if he was OK!

We also managed to get an Ice Cream and Programme at the interval and some people also got drinks and other snacks.

After the show, we then got some group photos and some of us picked up flyers for other shows they might be interested in whilst we waited for our pick-ups.

The traffic on the way home was pretty bad in Guildford & Tolworth but for the rest of the journey home it was OK.

Altogether everyone enjoyed themselves and had a right laugh!

I would give the day an 8/10 because the show was really good and really funny!

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