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Disability Expo 2023

Blog by Choices Officer, Jovi.

On Thursday 6th & Friday 7th July, the Understand Us team went to the Disability Expo at the ExCeL Centre in London.

We met at St. Barnabas Church at around 9am each day and got a taxi to and from the venue as there were train strikes that week.

When we got to the venue, we had a look around and spoke to loads of different companies (some of us even saw people we knew!) about Understand Us and what we do and quite a few people seemed interested and gave us their Business Cards!

Photos L-R: A group stopping by our stand to hear about what we do, some of our marketing materials, DJ Jon preparing for his live radio show.

What Went Well?

· We met loads of different people who were very interested in Understand Us and the work we do

· We got loads of free Goodie Bags, Leaflets & Gifts from different companies whilst walking around the Expo

· We also managed to get loads of photos of us enjoying ourselves and of the stand

· We also bought our own Packed Lunches which we found easier than paying the expensive Food & Drink prices at the venue

· We went around the Expo individually and took some time out to sit down if we needed to

· We got a Tour of London on the way home & I got some photos whilst going over Tower Bridge!

What Could Be Improved?

· Better Signage for the Parking – Including a ‘Dedicated Drop Off & Pick Up Point’ Sign near the entrance(s)

· Bigger Signage for the Lifts, Toilets etc. on the concourse (we didn’t realise there were toilets in the hall)

· Cheaper Food & Drink Prices (even though there was a Costa Coffee there)

· Having all the name badges printed out and put on lanyards ready for people to collect when arriving

· Having Stewards to point people in the direction of the parking and drop-off point

If you would like more information about the services Understand Us offer, you can visit our website or send us an email:


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