Volunteering is a work of heart

A few months ago I decided to go along to Drama group on Thursday evenings . The folks that come along to Drama were already in the throes of rehearsing for Wind In The Willows. What an experience …. we start of by doing a few relaxing exercises , deep breathing a few stretches, RIGHT we are ready to go?

Swag Club Nescott

Usually we sing a few of the songs that are going to be sung in the performance. I enjoy all the actions we do whilst singing along. Then into action, as I’ve watched the guys practising the lines and actions each week. I’ve been amazed how hard they work to get it right. I love the way the session finishes by going around the whole group and praising each one individually then giving them a little reminder of a maybe line or action to rehearse for the following week.

So the 29th June arrives and what a great evening! A few nerves of course, but what a fantastic atmosphere and OH MY what a great performance . The applause said it all. So proud to have been part of this and such a blessing as I’m getting to know each one in the Drama group.

WELL I could write more but I have a busy week coming up ,Tuesday morning Sunnybank coffee & chat at the Odeon, Wednesday lunch at The Golf Club (with Sunnybank folk) and Thursday Drama group again….. I mean a woman needs a rest in between alls these events. It’s hard work drinking coffee ,eating lunch and having fun at drama ????’

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