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Advocacy helps people speak out and have their voices heard.

We believe that everyone has the right to make choices about their own lives. 


If you would like some support to have your voice heard, then our Advocacy Service is here for you.

Worried about a friend or loved one? Our free and impartial support might be able to help.

We offer support in a wide range of issues, including:


Activities and leisure access

Care & support planning

Understanding & applying for benefits

Finances & financial abuse


activities & leisure

Accessing education

End of life planning



Safeguarding issues

Attending meetings

Medical care &

Health Passports


Young person with an arrow pointing to an older person
Voices logo - megaphone with the word voices underneath

We aim to help everyone who needs our support. We give priority to:

  • Those who require non-instructed advocacy due to communication barriers

  • Those without family or close friends in their lives

  • Those dealing with an urgent issue that needs immediate attention

Our Advocacy programme is independent of any statutory authority. Our Advocacy Partners best interests are our priority.

We believe in putting people first and follow the principles of The Advocacy Charter.

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