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What song would you sing?

Blog by Jovi, Choices Officer.

On Wednesday 1st February 2023, we had our first Karaoke Club of the year on Zoom where people got to sing a song (including love and break-up songs as it was our Valentine’s-themed Club) and have fun.

The Sunny Karaoke Club started in October last Year and is run once a month on a Wednesday on Zoom from 5pm-6pm.

Each month we get around 15 people joining in, singing and having fun. We have had 3 Karaoke Clubs so far (Halloween themed, Christmas themed & Valentine’s themed).

The Karaoke Club is run by me and is co-hosted by Martin & Lesley so each month a week before the Club I send out invites by email to all the Partners that have expressed an interest and then they come back to me with Song Requests.

I really enjoy hosting the Karaoke Club and hope that they will continue.

The next Karaoke club will be on Wednesday 1st March (Theme TBC).

If you would like to know more or join our Karaoke Club, please email


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