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Down at the allotment

Blog by Faith Race, Administrator (and Sunnybank gardening expert)

The allotment is now looking full - strawberries at the plenty, peas and salads all grown by our partners ready to eat. The 'winter' bed is on its way, planted with onions, parsnips and leeks.

While we encourage our partners to pick and eat the wonderful fruit and vegetables that we're growing, we are also introducing them to new tastes and ideas to take home to make smoothies, eat healthily and add fruit and vegetables to their daily meals.

The allotment is such a relaxed space to catch up with our partners. It is so rewarding to see their progress, learning about how to grow veg and also their ongoing enthusiasm. It is so beneficial for their well being and ours too!

For some it is their only garden and gives us such a good space to also do some craft around re-cycling and using the outdoors for ideas and themes.

If you would like to volunteer your time to support our partners at the allotment, we have a gardening role available on Wednesdays. Please click for full details.


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