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Club Trip-acana - Woking Theatre Trip

By Alex Carratu | July 2024

On 4th July 2024, I went to Woking Theatre to see Awful Auntie, a play based on the book of the same name by author, David Walliams. I went with Jon, Emma, a Sunnybank volunteer and a few partners from Sunnybank, Shay, Matthew and Marcus. We all met outside of the theatre in Woking.

At the theatre, we all met at approximately 6:15pm, showed the staff our tickets, and got our seats before the show commenced shortly after 6:30pm. The show was a total of two hours long and was divided into two halves.

Awful Auntie tells the story of Stella Saxby, a very rich girl whose parents have died in a tragic car accident and whose Aunt Alberta launches a plot to cheat Stella out of her inheritance. The play is set in December 1933.

It was my first time to Woking Theatre and first time going to a theatre in over four years. I really enjoyed my time there and everyone else did as well. The play is full of laughs and unpredictable moments, which add to the play's humour. I am sure David Walliams himself would be proud of the production.

What went well for the night was the communication between who was going to the play as everyone was communicating with each other about the arrangements. What also went well was the play itself. It was full of laughter and well-rehearsed and you could tell that. What could be improved was the signage in the theatre as the signs to the toilets were not very clear.

It was an all-round great night and a real treat to have been invited to the theatre. Thanks, Jon. It was nice to also see Jon and the others who went to the theatre and nice to go back to a theatre after a long period of time.


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