Heading to Heathrow

Blog by Nicola Jura, Futures & Office Administrator

On the 13th of January we were invited to take a trip to Heathrow airport. A week before the trip I had a dry run at Epsom train station to see how my chair would fit on the train. 

I went with the Futures Group and we were joined by Graham and Amanda from QEF. Our journey was from Epsom to Paddington station, then from Paddington on the Heathrow Express.   

When we arrived at Heathrow, we met Sarah and Rachel from the Heathrow team, and Helen and Lady-Marie who are both are disability travel activist extraordinaires! Sarah explained about the flower lanyards which you can wear if you need assistance, this is optional. She also talked about the hoist which can be used on the plane to get you to your seat. 

Helen told me about her service dog and Lady-Marie gave me some tips on how to get my power chair on and off the train and how to park on the bus.

While we were having lunch, we got the chance to ask some of the questions that we had about our journey.  

Afterwards we had a Skype call with Jennene Greenall who works for Brisbane airport. We asked lots of questions. She gave us a list of things we can do in Brisbane if we decide to visit. After we asked our final questions, we went to terminal 3 to catch the train for our return to Epsom.  

I felt that the trip went well. There are things that need to be improved when it comes to access, and I hope I can go back and try the equipment on offer. I’d like to have more experiences like this in the future.     

Me getting on a bus in London and a group of us at the Paddington statue.
He has been there since 2000!
Being shown how to use the ticket machine and all us us outside Heathrow Terminal 3