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Futures is a programme to support young adults.

‘It is today that we create the world of the future’...

Our Futures programme supports young adults with learning disabilities to gain independence.

We tailor our programme to each individual, supporting them on issues such as:

Activities and leisure access



Person sitting at a computer
Community resilience and safety


resilience & safety

Person with lines radiating from their head
Independent living options

Independent living options

Finding friends and building relationships

Finding friends & building relationships

Three people standing side by side
Independent travel



Developing hobbies and interests


hobbies & interests

Keeping well and healthy

Keeping well

and healthy

Medical box
Futures logo - a hand holding a plant with the word futures underneath
Futures logo - a hand holding a plant with the word futures underneath
How does it work?

If you join our programme you will set your own goals, for example: learning to drive, ordering food from a take away and using public transport.

Our Futures manager will help you to find ways to achieve your goals. 


We offer weekly zoom sessions to help develop friendships, peer support and the opportunity to meet experts in community.

We also have fun as that is always the best way to learn anything!

Some of our recent work includes supporting members find paid employment, pass their driving test, build confidence in taking holidays with friends, as well as raising awareness of important issues such

as online scams and staying safe while out and about.

Can I find out more?

Read a testimonial from the parent of one of our Futures partners.

Take a look at our brochure to find out what to expect.

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