Get Moving

Blog by Jovi Edwards, Choices Officer

On Sunday 20th October, me, Martin, Maria, Emily, Lesley and David (Emily’s dad) went to Epsom College for the ‘Get Moving’ event.

When we got there, we picked up tickets for each of the different activities we wanted to take part in. All of us decided to do freestyle dance where we learned how to do salsa.

Emily then went on to do some athletics and Maria, Lesley and David did Pilates. After that, me, Martin and Maria went swimming and did some swimming games.

Photo of Jovi and Martin at Get Moving event

We all thought it was a great day and all enjoyed ourselves.

I would give the day a 7/10 or 4 stars.

Guess who’s back

Nicola Jura

Blog by Nicola Jura, Futures and Office Administrator

I have returned and have now officially left college! 

I am now working with Sunnybank as an office team member on administration and Sunnybank’s new service called Futures.

Last month I attended the Surrey Learning Disability Partnership Board meeting which was full of information, most of it I did not understand.

At the meeting, Healthwatch released their learning disability easy read report. You can read it here.

I hope you continue to enjoy my blog entries – the next one will be very soon!

It was Mayhem!

Blog by Jovi Edwards, Choices Officer

Last Friday, me, my friends & Sunnybank Choices Manager, Lesley went to Mayhem which is a nightclub for adults with Learning Disabilities based in Woking. We all went in 2 cars.

We had a lot of fun and there was plenty of dancing & drinking involved. It was a 70s, 80s & 90s themed evening so people (including me) dressed up (I dressed up as Baby Spice) and they had 70s, 80s & 90s music on all night.

I thought it was good but not as good as previous Mayhems. I would give it a 7/10 or 4 stars.

Jovi and Martin at Mayhem
Jovi dressed as Baby Spice

Sunnybank Trustee shares online trolling experience

Sunnybank Trustee and learning disability campaigner Ciara Lawrence, shared her personal experience of online trolling with newspaper this week.

Ciara campaigning outside the Royal Courts of Justice
Ciara campaigning outside the Royal Courts of Justice

Ciara was trolled online in response to some of the excellent campaigning work she has been involved in, fighting for the rights of those with learning disabilities.

Read Ciara’s article here.

In the press 9th July 2019

Nicola’s June update

Nicola is 10 months into her internship at Sunnybank HQ, and is continuing to build on her professional and personal skills.

“Coming to the end of my supported Internship I have improved my skills and gained in confidence.”


Personal achievements I was invited to an awards evening at NESCOT and achieved two awards (Foundation Hub Student of the Year and the NESCOT Chancellor’s award for Overall Student of the Year).

I was surprised to see how much I have improved from previous years.

My internship at Sunnybank has help me to achieve these awards. I have doubted myself at times, but I have been determined not to give up and I have learnt a lot throughout the year.


Design and communications I have played a big part in the preparation of the drama group’s annual production, Beauty and the Beast. The production has an Arabian theme and I have designed a poster with this theme throughout. Also, I have been researching costume designs.

I was asked to find some quotes about beauty and came up with my own which is “beauty is everything that is good in the world”. My quote will be used as part of a song.

Fundraising I have been involved in helping at the Ashtead Village Day which is something I’ve never done before. Sunnybank managed to raise £154.92!!

Volunteering is a work of heart

A few months ago I decided to go along to Drama group on Thursday evenings . The folks that come along to Drama were already in the throes of rehearsing for Wind In The Willows. What an experience …. we start of by doing a few relaxing exercises , deep breathing a few stretches, RIGHT we are ready to go?

Swag Club Nescott


Nicola’s first weeks at Sunnybank

My first weeks as an intern at Sunnybank have been filled with information, meeting new people and learning about the different parts of the company. I have also learned how to use Microsoft Office 365 and have an email address now.