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The Sensory Roadshow

10 December, 2020Posted In : Uncategorized

Through the use of sensory lights, sounds and scents, care home residents with learning disabilities READ MORE

#BreakingBarriers in hospital

09 November, 2020Posted In : Uncategorized

As Winter approaches, more of us suffer from seasonal illnesses such as the common cold&nb READ MORE

Remembrance Sunday

08 November, 2020Posted In : Uncategorized

This year, to commemorate Remembrance Sunday, the Sunnybank Drama Group have recorded a special mess READ MORE

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    I’ve made friends and I have become more confident.

    Ryan, a Sunnybank Member (Head Sales of Sense Technology)
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    They have been a lifeline to us as parents and to our daughter who loves being in their company and taking part in a variety of activities. Their professional dedication, kindness and patience never cease to amaze us.

    Margaret, a Sunnybank parent (CEO at NewCompany)
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    It’s been a great opportunity to get involved in the local community. It’s shown me there actually is a community in Epsom.

    Yvonne, a Sunnybank volunteer (New media of Marketing firm)