Here's how we measure our success.

General Questions

In 2015-16 we ran 46 Kites Club sessions, providing a welcoming space for people to have fun, make friends, try activities and learn skills.

The number of Kites Club attendees changes every week and can be affected by things like bad weather, traffic, or a lack of transport for our members. On average we have anywhere between 40 and 80 attendees with learning disabilities, plus carers/family and volunteers.

The drama group has 15 actors with learning disabilities, who are supported by 4 volunteers and our drama co-ordinator each week.

The drama group runs an average of 42 hour-long sessions per year, plus a dress rehearsal and evening performance of their annual show. There’s also the annual drama group theatre trip – entirely for research purposes of course!

An average of 8 NESCOT students attend the weekly Swag Club planning group sessions, to steer how the club is run. This gives them the chance to practice valuable life skills around planning and organisation.

133 of our members benefit from the Buddy Scheme.


We fundraise from a variety of different sources. We currently receive funding from the Big Lottery Fund, as well as other trusts and foundations. We also run events like our annual art exhibition to help raise funds and spread the word about learning disabilities in the local community. We also rely on the generosity of local people who want to improve our community for people with learning disabilities – by becoming a Friend of Sunnybank these people help us keep our commitment to being there for those who need us for as long as they need us.

In 2015-16 we raised £172,845! Thank you to everyone who made that possible.

We help over 200 adults with learning disabilities.

We have over 160 amazing volunteers – taking on over 180 different roles – who give up their time to ensure Sunnybank can support as many people as possible.

We currently have 11 supported volunteers. These are people with learning disabilities who volunteer to help run Sunnybank services, to promote Sunnybank in the local community, or as fundraisers.

In 2015-16 our volunteers donated 4,380 hours of their time!