What we offer


Everyone has the right to make choices about their own lives. Some people find it harder to say what they want or to speak up for themselves. This can be even more difficult when you have a learning disability.

If you would like some support making your voice heard, then our Advocacy Service is here for you.

Concerned about a friend or loved one? If they could benefit from an impartial and independent source of support, then our Advocacy Service might be what you’re looking for.

Our Citizen Advocates help their Advocacy Partners have their voices heard.
This includes helping Advocacy Partners understand their options and putting their needs and wants first.
How Advocates help:

  • They listen to their Advocacy Partners.
  • They find out information.
  • They explain things so their Advocacy Partners can make informed choices.
  • They make sure their Advocacy Partners know their rights.
  • They talk to other people with or on behalf of their Advocacy Partner.
  • They help their Advocacy Partners express themselves.

“My advocate is there to help you. She’s a person that will sit and listen.”

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Our Citizen Advocates are committed to being there for as long as they are needed. This could be for a one-off issue or life-long support.
The issues we support on:

  • Care and support planning
  • Activities and leisure access
  • Accommodation
  • Medical care
  • Transition
  • Safeguarding
  • Education
  • Benefits
  • Finances and financial abuse
  • End of life planning
  • Best interest meetings
  • many more.

If it matters to our Advocacy Partners, it matters to us.

We aim to help everyone who needs our support, but we do not always have the resources available so we do have a waiting list for our advocacy service. We give priority to:

  • Those who require non-instructed advocacy due to communication barriers,
  • If someone is without family or close friends in their lives,
  • If there is an urgent issue that needs immediate attention.

Our Advocacy programme is independent of any statutory authority. Our Advocacy Partners best interests are our sole priority.

We believe in putting people first and follow the principles of The Advocacy Charter.
We respect our Advocacy Partners’ right to confidentiality and ensure their data security is a priority.
If you volunteer as a Citizen Advocate you will:

  • Be supported by our Advocacy Manager
  • Be involved in a two-stage induction
  • Be trained in key areas (including safe-guarding, human rights etc.)
  • Be part of a friendly and welcoming team of volunteers
  • Be invited to regular training sessions and team meetings
  • Be building a relationship and making a difference to someone’s life.