Nicola’s January update

After all the planning the Christmas meal was a great success. It was nice to have everyone together and most people manage to clear their plates.

After all the preparation it was nice to attend the Carol Service.

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The choir did a fantastic job and there were some solo performances. I enjoyed watching it and it was lovely to see that all the hard work by everyone had paid off. I was looking forward to the Christmas break so that I could have a rest and recharge. Having a break was needed but I got out of my routine. It’s been hard getting back into the routine but I’m working on it!

One of my first jobs on my return was sorting the stationery at St Barnabas Church as we were preparing for the Kites Club, it was a nice change of scenery and to have a different type of job to do.

I was interviewed by a funder which was a new experience for me. I was nervous but I managed to give some good comments. This experience is helping me build my confidence. I have completed my first term of my Internship and I have got used to the routine of the office.