My favourite online clubs

Blog written by Jovi Edwards, Choices Officer

A photo of Jovi looking at the camera wearing a pink jumper, pink hairband and glasses

What groups do I attend?

I like to attend as many of Sunnybank’s online activity groups as I can. My favourites are ‘Movies with Mates’ on Mondays, ‘Coffee & Chat’ on Tuesdays, ‘Drama Club’ on Thursdays and the Pub Quiz on Friday evenings. I also like to attend the monthly Swag disco and monthly Zoom party.

I also take part in a dance class which isn’t part of Sunnybank and is run by Malookoo Dance Fitness every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (and most Wednesdays when the Sunnybank Zoom party isn’t running).

What do I enjoy most about the online groups?

I like these groups because I get to see my friends, make new friends and they’re the activities I like doing in my free time anyway (watching Films, doing quizzes and dancing).

What do I find hard about attending the online groups?

Sometimes my Wi-Fi connection can be bad, sometimes other people can be frozen on my screen, sometimes people have loud noise (TV, their parents/carers talking loudly and even kettles boiling loudly) in the background and I can’t hear other people.

To find out more about the online activities at Sunnybank, visit our lockdown hub. Our activities are for adults with learning disabilities and are free to attend.