To enrich lives

We aim to improve the lives of the people we work with. This includes helping them develop self-confidence, new skills and by nurturing important relationships to ease lonliness and isolation.

of people with learning disabilities

We support people aged 18+ wih a learning disability. Having a learning disability means taking longer to learn and possibly needing additional support to learn new skills, process complex ideas, and to go about daily life.

in our community

We work with people across North East Surrey and the London Borough of Merton – our current reach is from Sutton to Merstham. But we never turn anyone away based on geography and will always do our best to help everyone who comes to us.



through inclusion

Inclusion means supporting people to be part of the community and to feel as though they are a valued part of something. Related services are Kites Club, Happy Kings and Queens Drama Group, and CCOGS.

through friendship

Everyone deserves meaningful relationships. Through our Buddy Scheme we nurture friendships across social barriers, introducing people with common interests who might otherwise never meet.

through justice.

Our Advocacy service ensures the people we help have their voices heard and are able to take ownership of their own lives, free from fear and abuse.

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Futures programme

What is it?

The Futures programme was launched in September 2019. It aims to support young adults with learning disabilities who are facing the next steps in adulthood, towards greater independence.

What does it cover?

Our programme is tailored to each individual that we support with a particular focus on:

  • Employability
  • Independent living including accommodation and travel
  • Community resilience and safety
  • Keeping well and healthy
  • Finding friends and hobbies

How does it work?

Each member sets their own goals, a few examples of these include learning to drive, ordering food from a take away and using public transport.

The Futures manager works with the young adult over a period of time to find ways to achieve their goals. We work through team work and peer support which nurtures confidence and community resilience.

Results have included driving assessments, outings on public transport arranged by members of the group, a successful visit to a take away.  We offer weekly ‘drop in sessions’ to help develop friendships, peer support and the opportunity to meet experts in community.

We also have fun as that is always the best way to learn anything!

Some of our recent work includes supporting members find paid employment, pass their driving test, build confidence in taking holidays with friends, as well as raising awareness of important issues such as online scams and staying safe while out and about.

Can I find out more?

Read a testimonial from the parent of one of our Futures members here.
To find out more about our futures programme, please get in touch with Futures Manager Claire Dawson,

‘It is today that we create the world of the future’…


Supporting people to have their say on what matters to them.


Because everyone needs friends.

Kites Club

Creating access to new activities and skill-building.

The Happy Kings and Queens Drama Group

Showcasing and developing confident and talented performers.

Stay Home Stay Safe resources

While our regular clubs and activities are temporarily closed, we would like to invite our members to join our virtual activities online.

We are continually developing new activities for you to enjoy at home, so please check back regularly for updates.

We hope you find something you like!

Activity menu

Activity menu


To join one of our Zoom activities, email to RSVP.


Watch our craft videos


Useful information

The Coronavirus pandemic is a very worrying and confusing time for us all. It can be a particularly
difficult time for someone with a learning disability.

We have compiled some useful Easy Read documents that might help aid understanding and reduce
uncertainty and worry.

Essentials to pack when leaving the house (click to watch)

Keep safe, know your FACTS (click to view)

How shops are different because of Coronavirus (click to watch video)

What to do if you are shielding (click to view)

Surrey and Borders Partnership Liaison Service for people with learning disabilities (click to view)

Understanding Coronavirus (click to view)

Understanding the words commonly used during lockdown (click to view)

Avoiding scams during lockdown (click to view)

Keeping your hands clean (click to view)


If you have any questions, or would like more information on any of our activities, please email us on