Buddies: Maurice and Norman

Someone holding a plant pot with a seedling in it.

I’m Maurice and I recently went to RHS Wisley with my Buddy, Norman. 

We went for a walk around some of the gardens, but I couldn’t make it the whole way around so we stopped to have a coffee.  I took pictures of the plants and greenhouses. They were servicing the greenhouses so there were several we couldn’t go in.

My friend Michael used to take me to Wisley and Kew Gardens. Michael was the greatest and did everything with me. He treated me like a grandson.

Norman has been my Buddy since Michael died.

I miss Michael, but I like spending time with Norman. Norman is great. We get on alright. He’s given me seeds to grown. I’ve grown courgettes, tomatoes, and lettuces.

Gardening has always been my passion. I used to work as a gardener with my dad. I used to drive tractors with him when he worked as a groundsman.

I haven’t been going out as much lately, but I know I should because going out makes me feel great. When I go out with Norman I feel safe. I don’t know what it would be like if I didn’t have a friend to go out with.

The Sunnybank Trust Buddy Scheme provides 121 buddies for anyone with a learning disability in North East Surrey.  We try to match up people based on their interests or hobbies, so whether you are a keen gardener, are looking for someone to join you at the gym, want to do something arty, or just fancy meeting someone new for a chat, we’ll help find a the right buddy for you.  Our Buddy scheme also does lots of other activities, so make sure to check out that part of the website to see everything on offer.

If you’d like a Buddy or you’d like to volunteer as a Buddy, email Felicity (felicityculley@sunnybanktrust.org) or give her a call on 01372 732374.