Nicola’s June update

Nicola is 10 months into her internship at Sunnybank HQ, and is continuing to build on her professional and personal skills.

“Coming to the end of my supported Internship I have improved my skills and gained in confidence.”


Personal achievements I was invited to an awards evening at NESCOT and achieved two awards (Foundation Hub Student of the Year and the NESCOT Chancellor’s award for Overall Student of the Year).

I was surprised to see how much I have improved from previous years.

My internship at Sunnybank has help me to achieve these awards. I have doubted myself at times, but I have been determined not to give up and I have learnt a lot throughout the year.


Design and communications I have played a big part in the preparation of the drama group’s annual production, Beauty and the Beast. The production has an Arabian theme and I have designed a poster with this theme throughout. Also, I have been researching costume designs.

I was asked to find some quotes about beauty and came up with my own which is “beauty is everything that is good in the world”. My quote will be used as part of a song.

Fundraising I have been involved in helping at the Ashtead Village Day which is something I’ve never done before. Sunnybank managed to raise £154.92!!

Sunnybank Art Exhibition 2019

2019 Sunnybank Art Exhibition

Join us in celebrating the wonderful things that make us unique at our ‘THIS IS ME’ art exhibition.

Now in its fourth year, the exhibition will be open to the public from 18th to 21st June 2019 at Bourne Hall in Ewell. We will be showcasing artwork created by talented artists with learning disabilities, many of which will be available for purchase.

Funds raised from the exhibition will allow us continue supporting adults with learning disabilities in the local community.

We provide a range of services, including free impartial advocacy, regular clubs and social activities, as well as a transition programme for young adults leaving education.


Dorothy Watson, CEO of The Sunnybank Trust comments, “We are delighted to share the talents and creativity of our members with the local community. This year’s exhibition aims to demonstrate that we are all unique and special in our own way; that we all have something valuable to offer to society and to our community.”

The Sunnybank art exhibition is run in partnership with MyTime (NHS daycentre) and The National Lottery  Community Fund.

 “Every good painter paints what he is” – Jackson Pollock





Awards evening

When I first heard about the awards, I felt nervous and excited because I have never been to that type of event, I was looking forward to it.

Sunnybank was nominated for the volunteer of the year award and won silver!!!

It was nice to see so many people being nominated everyone was dressed to impress and it was a lovely evening even though it was very long.


Volunteering is a work of heart

A few months ago I decided to go along to Drama group on Thursday evenings . The folks that come along to Drama were already in the throes of rehearsing for Wind In The Willows. What an experience …. we start of by doing a few relaxing exercises , deep breathing a few stretches, RIGHT we are ready to go?

Swag Club Nescott


Nicola’s January update

After all the planning the Christmas meal was a great success. It was nice to have everyone together and most people manage to clear their plates.

After all the preparation it was nice to attend the Carol Service.

Charity blog image


More updates from Nicola…

Over the last few weeks I have done several pieces of work including a Greek salad poster for the Mamma Mia night that was held on the 8th of November.

I had to research the ingredients for the Greek salad.

I attended my first staff meeting to discuss the progress of Sunnybank.


Nicola’s first weeks at Sunnybank

My first weeks as an intern at Sunnybank have been filled with information, meeting new people and learning about the different parts of the company. I have also learned how to use Microsoft Office 365 and have an email address now.